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Sorbene UV Air Filters are suitable to use in homes, hospitals and clinics, movie theatres, and public places.

Its safety-first features and patented design makes it best in class in air purifying technology.


Sorbene UV Air Filter is designed with safety first features to decontaminate air from aerosol and other airborne microbes. 

It is made-up of UV-C safe material with 4 UV blocking layers to ensure personnel safety.

Its patented tower design provides maximum antimicrobial efficacy and 360-degree airflow.

The graphene filter is super light and provides a high surface to area ratio to increase the filter-microbial interaction. The graphene nanotechnology filter also removes odor, smog, and VOCs.

Its HEPA filter blocks 99.95 percent particulate matter like allergens and ultra-fine dust particles. 


● Safety first design

● Antimicrobial efficacy with antimicrobial graphene filter

● Fast Air exchange technology

● Best in class UV lamps certified for 11000 hours or 12 months of continuous usage

● Double layer filter configuration

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